Linzer cookies are exactly the type of cookie that is not missing on any Christmas table. It’s crunchy, easy to prepare and whatever shape you choose, it always looks just gr

30 minutes + 10 minutes baking


Autumn Chilli Con Carne made from lean minced turkey, beans and two types of peppers. The recipe is full of flavour, contains lots of protein and fibre and is simply the BEST. And

10 minutes + 45 minutes cooking


Chicken in herb butter with rice pilaf is a recipe I have grown to love during this fall. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and then everything bakes in the oven with no fuss

10 minutes + 45 minutes baking


This Mexican Cornbread Pie is a delightful fusion of savory and slightly sweet flavors. It is a perfect dish for both casual and special occasions. Enjoy the comfort of this satisf

15 Minutes + 50 Minutes Cooking


This Korean fried rice dish offers a delightful blend of textures and flavors. The gochujang sauce providing a unique twist to the classic recipe. It’s a versatile dish that

5 Minutes + 15 minutes cooking

super easy

This Chicken and Dumpling soup is a pure comfort food perfect for fall season. The soup is loaded with veggies, a warm broth and full of protein. The buttery dumpling are just the

10 Minutes + 30 Minutes Cooking


This Air fryer Chicken Schnitzel recipe is a staple at our house! My husband absolutely loves them and it’s one of those recipes that never gets boring! Did you know that you

10 Minutes + 20 Minutes Baking

super easy