Hi, I'm Anna, and I'm... crazy about food and cooking.

I fell in love with cooking as a little girl. I spent every weekend at my grandmother’s house and helped her in the kitchen. Whether it was Sunday lunch or simple dessert, I was always a helping hand and the passion for cooking that I discovered at that time has stayed with me to this day.

Many years have passed since then and many changes have occurred in my life, but one thing has not changed a bit. My favorite place is still the kitchen and cooking is still one of my greatest passions.

Where I find inspiration?

For me, food and cooking is first of all a form of entertainment and therapy in one. I don’t aspire to create a high-class culinary experience here, rather I would like to inspire you that cooking doesn’t have to be an obligation, but you can have fun and enjoy every meal you cook at home with love.

Most of my recipes present quick and easy meals, but cooked with quality, whole foods and available ingredients. I strive to make my meals not only present a healthy lifestyle, but also put a smile on your face and stick in your mind so that you always come back to my recipes with love.

Fun Facts About me!

1. I hate hot tomatoes. Whether it’s grilled tomatoes as a side dish with meat or any other way of preparing tomatoes where you can see the texture, I hate it.

2. I have to keep the kitchen tidy all the time. No matter what I cook, I can’t stand a messy kitchen and I have to clean it up right away. Sometimes it makes my cooking very difficult, especially when I don’t have much time to cook. But even so, I always have to keep the kitchen clean and wash the dishes.

3. I have been dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding for almost 5 years, at a competitive level. My diet at that time consisted of eggs, rice, chicken, vegetables and nuts and variety of food was out of the question. I won a few competitions and moved on again.

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