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Avocado & Eggs Tortilla Wrap

10 Minutes



This recipe for Avocado & Eggs Tortilla Wrap has everything I love about a good savoury breakfast. Avocado, scrambled eggs and a good slice of cheddar. All wrapped up in a tortilla so it can be made as a breakfast to go .



Adjust Servings
1 whole wheat tortilla
2 medium eggs
35 grams avocado
slice of cheddar cheese
1 tsp spring onion
5 grams butter
juice of half lime
salt & pepper to taste
Nutritional Information
450 Calories
30 g Fat
23 g Protein
24 g Carbs
2 g Sugars


Start with the filling
First, prepare the avocado. Mash it together with lime juice, finely chopped spring onion, a pinch of salt and pepper and set aside.
Then make the scrambled eggs. Crack two eggs into a bowl and mix well with a fork to get air into the mixture. Heat the butter in a pan and pour in the egg mixture. Over a medium heat, slowly cook the scrambled eggs until they are beautifully creamy. If you like, you can lightly salt them at the end.
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Wrap the tortilla!
Now take a tortilla, spread the avocado in the middle, add a handful of arugula and then a slice of cheddar. Then spread the scrambled eggs on top and wrap the tortilla like an envelope.
Place it in an air fryer at 155°C for about 7 minutes. Serve while still warm!
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